Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Knitted Bunnies

Between Pinterest and Ravelry, I didn't stand a chance. Little bunnies kept jumping out and me, crying "Knit me! Knit me!" The pattern, available through Ravelry and here at Little Cotton Rabbits, was fairly quick to knit. I am tempted to say it was definitely quick to knit but I am writing this over a month later and the holidays (shouldn't that be holly "daze"?) might have skewed my perception of time.

Oooh! A bunny butt!

Here she is with her toy bear out of her Christmas stocking.

Why did I make her gray? Perhaps she is an old bunny like me with graying  Truthfully, I knew I wanted her dress to be red and white and wanted contrast in her body coloring.

The pattern parts are all knit flat, sewn and stuffed. I often knit in the round but on small projects, knitting flat can be easier. The body of the rabbit, including her striped legs and shoes is made with SMC Select merino cotton yarn. Her dress and the Christmas stocking are made from Rowan's Sienna cotton yarn. The bear was made from leftover self striping sock yarn. 

The rabbit pattern comes with one dress pattern. The additional pattern for seasonal dresses is based on the original dress with graphs for the various designs. I think the dress will fit stuffed bears that I have out all year long. I didn't think to try this dress on one of them before sending this off as a gift. If the dress pattern fits, my bears are going to be very well dressed all year long!

The Christmas stocking went together so well, I made twelve more of them, ten shown here.

If you're looking for projects to use up small quantities of yarn, if you need a snug-able toy, or if you just have a thing for bunnies, hop on over to Ravelry or to the link above and get the pattern for the girl rabbit, the boy rabbit, or maybe you prefer a hedgehog or fox.  This link will take to you free patterns on the website if you'd like to get a feel for her directions before making a purchase.

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