Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Hell has frozen in so many ways....

Each of the 50 states has at least one location with below freezing temperatures. I guess it shouldn't be a surprise that Hell has frozen over. Hell, Michigan, that is.
Southeast Michigan has broken some records that didn't need breaking but I'm not in control of that.

I'm also not in control of Blogger which is giving me error messages and asking me to sign in twice. Perhaps the Universe is telling me that I was better off when I wasn't blogging? Internet Explorer is working better than Firefox which sometimes freezes, pixelates, goes black and returns to where I was. That is scary. I'm beginning to think that Blogger-Google-Chrome are trying to force my hand in how I sign in (not Gmail), which browser I use (not Chrome) and maybe they are behind the Velveeta shortage that I heard out or that M&Ms should be colored with a different product. Heavens, we all really need those M&Ms right? Don't limit your intake if you feel the dye is wrong. Uh oh, I'd better stop before I begin to rant.

Let's face it, if we're going to rant, there are bigger issues than weather or Blogger we can discuss. How about Dennis Rodman and O.J. Simpson?  I can not believe that Rodman thinks it is ok to befriend Kim Jong Un. Even if Rodman is a bit crazy and thinks he is doing something worthwhile (and that is a HUGE if), what is with the other players going along with him? And now O.J. Simpson wants presidential clemency because he claims to have brain cancer and doesn't want "to die in prison like jailhouse scum".  Really? A plea for clemency and use that phrase?

Oops! There I go again, but at least I'm warmer as I get hot under the collar.  
I'm not seriously hot under the collar but I do wonder if society will stop idolizing celebrity to the point where celebs lose touch with reality. Aren't most of these problems in part because they've been surrounded by yes men, telling them that they are wonderful in their distorted views? Also their doctors and lawyers who explain away their poor behavior in ways that we could never pull off? If Mary Smith down the street endorses Kim Jong Un assassinating his uncle and treatment of his entire country, we think she is a wacko and ignore her. Dennis Rodman get national attention. Repeatedly. If society ignored them, the media wouldn't make anything from dragging Rodman, Simpson and Tonya Harding into the news. Again.

I really need this weather to break so that I can get out of the house!

To end on a bright note, Summer is only 164 days away!


andrea said...

please don't stop blogging...i may not always comment, but i always read, and i always get a good laugh! you really have a knack for writing; maybe you should start on a novel....???

andrea said...

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