Tuesday, December 11, 2012

To my Blogger friend, Beckie...

First, to everyone, I have been absent with a cold that kept me down for two weeks, and then computer woes, none of which were my doing. Very frustrating. Now it is just my email that needs sorting out due to a server change. I will be back eventually when I am clear headed and better caught up regarding Christmas.

To Beckie, add Blogger to my woes. Your last comment to me showed up under "awaiting moderation" even though it should not have been there according to my settings. I didn't publish it, but attempted to contact you via email. The email I had for you on my computer is lost in the server problem. I thought I had a correct address but it came back as undeliverable.

My thoughts continue to be with you and your family. If you email me directly rather than going through Blogger, I will be able to respond. Hopefully, my server issue will be resolved soon.

Peace to everyone who sees this, and healthy wishes to all.


Sewconsult said...

Sending an email immediately. Thank you.

Chatty Crone said...

I hope you feel better. sandie