Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Catching up and changing attitude

The cold that I caught had me down and out for almost three weeks. Three weeks is a long time anytime of year, but before the holidays, a three week setback felt like months. Even as I type this, I know I should not be complaining. Many have it worse. Many are fighting something all year long. I don't mean this to be as much a complaint as an explanation for both writing and visiting your blogs.

I am still having problem accessing my email in my normal fashion. I don't know if the person who is supposedly working on this is ignoring me or doesn't know how to fix the problem and won't admit it. Either way, that frustration continues to simmer.

I've been contemplating starting a new blog and ran into blogger issues. Things that work here won't work the same way on a new blog. Why? Don't ask me. I used the same template, settings, etc. but one thing that won't work the same is the 'About Me' feature. On this blog I have it set so that you see my photo and click to view my complete profile. This is a gadget Blogger offers, not something I created. Under layout, you should be able to set the gadget to show on a particular blog, meaning your written profile will show, or not. A simple check box should decide the matter. On this blog, the box is unchecked. If you want to read my profile, you click by my photo for more info. On a new blog, no matter how many times you uncheck the box and save your changes, it doesn't work.

A person named Nitecruzr on Blogger product forums gave me info on something else that will work, but I'm annoyed that the simple feature doesn't work on new blogs. I'm not afraid of new and improved, I would just like things to actually be improved and still working when changes are made.

To recap so far, I was feeling lousy, coughing enough to worry my husband and sons, frustrated about my email woes and couldn't get blogger to behave. Shall I mention the extremists on Facebook? I thought once the election was over things would settle down but the ones who seem to be screaming about wrongs in existence or wrongs that might happen if A, B and C occur are just as loud as ever. It isn't that they should express their beliefs, it is that they are RIGHT by heavenly decree and anyone who thinks differently is not only WRONG, they are %$#*&^%#@. 

I don't spend a lot of time on Facebook and I try to zip past the stuff that irritates me but I have reason to stay somewhat in touch with the people I am talking about. I know they aren't shouting at me personally, I am just tired of the shouting, even if I basically agree with them.

There is a lot wrong in our world. There is way too much violence. Any violence is too much. If we only focus on that, we become more depressed as the days go by. The contentious posts feel like violence to me. Most of these people are polite in person and would never use the language or make accusations and ultimatums as they do on Facebook.

* Big sigh *

I've become a downer and I don't like that. I need to get back to my happy zone and for one thing, that means more crafting. Whether I start a new blog or redirect my energy here, things will be changing after the holidays. Look for me to be New and Improved, hopefully without any glitches!

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Rudee said...

There is only one cure for you....quick! Cast something on some needles!