Friday, July 15, 2011

Read any marquees lately?

Are movies too explicit and violent, or is it just the marquees?

As infrequently as we go to the movies, I have no idea what pairings might line up unfortunately (or humorously) this weekend.

I'd love to see Harry Potter, but I think we'll wait for the newness to wear off. There are many rude people who talk or text throughout movies and that bugs us. The last two times we went to the show, we went late in the evening. Both times there were couples with infants, toddlers and children! Not only were the movies inappropriate for their ages, why weren't those kiddies in bed?

If you agree and want to enjoy the show amid quiet folks like us, we'll save seats for you. I'll be in the turquoise outfit with white trim, hubby will be wearing a lavender shirt with his good suit.   Photobucket


Blondie's Journal said...

oh...these are SO funny. You always post about things that give me a good laugh! I stopped going to movies long ago, I much prefer to watch them at home. Where it's quiet!


Rudee said...

The signs are hysterical. I've never noticed that.

My daughter went to the show last week to see, Bad Bosses, when a man in the row behind her had a grand mal seizure. People were trying to get help for him, exiting the aisles and trying to make room for assistance, when one man screamed, "hey, we're trying to watch the movie. You people need to sit down." He knew what was happening and apparently didn't care. Of course, I cleaned up his language for your blog, as per my daughter, he was quite profane.

Some folks are just idiots.

The movie was stopped and people were issued rebates for another showing of the movie.