Monday, July 25, 2011

No wonder I can't get ahead...

An object in motion (a woman sewing) tends to remain in motion (the sewer accomplishes much!) but an object at rest (not completely true, same woman didn't "rest" but did stop to clean up for company's arrival) remains at rest (or if not rest, she doesn't seem to get back to sewing). Photobucket

I was on a roll two weeks ago. I made a valance for the kitchen window at my son's house. I also made sheers to go on tension rods on narrow windows in his living room. Nothing much to see, both were plain white and were not photographed. Last year he teasingly complained about not being the baby in the family any longer. His nephew Colton gets all the attention now. True. And Uncle Billy has no room to talk on the subject of being wrapped around that little boy's finger. Photobucket After making a stuffed bear for Colton last year out of Minkee, a super soft, cuddly knit fabric, Billy said I should make pillows for him out of that. Minkee is so often a nursery fabric, finding it in other colors isn't always easy. I found both black and white online and ordered some months ago, right after Billy painted his room white with black and silver accents. After letting the fabric age on my sewing counter (what? fine cheese ages! fine wine ages! fine ole Knitty ages! why wouldn't fabric age?) I made him pillow cases last week. I didn't get good photos of the pillow cases on pillows, just draped over my rocker.
 As you can see by the lack of my presence in that photo, I was clearly off my rocker that day. This is usually the case but I blame it on the rocker not being very comfortable. That is my story, and I am sticking to it. 
The weekend came with a graduation party to attend on Saturday and company here on Sunday. I cleaned up the sewing room with every intention of getting back to project Sunday night or Monday morning at the latest. Since I didn't specify WHICH Sunday night/Monday morning, I guess I am still ok. For someone off her rocker.
But I digress. Don't I always? I used leftover Minkee from past projects to make two pillow cases for the Prince of Sweetness (aka Colton). The other pillow case is soft yellow with a white band.
Last week was hot. Make that HOT. And humid.  Even with air conditioning, everyone seemed to be moving at a slower pace. Other priorities prevented my return to sewing. Visitors from out of town caused me to actually put things away in the sewing room (as opposed to just straightening it up) and per usual, that room was not seen by our friends. You KNOW we would have wound up back there for some reason if the room was still semi-trashed.

I could have returned to sewing last night but we had a thunder storm that seemed like it was going to go on for hours. No sense plugging in my machine and getting it fried, right? I sat down to knit instead. I work socks from the toe to the cuff. I was almost ready to start the cuff but decided I really didn't like how the pattern looked with the yarn I used. I ripped the entire sock out. Don't gasp or groan. This doesn't bother me. If I had completed a pair, I wouldn't have worn them often. I will start again using a plain pattern so that the self-striping yarn doesn't compete with design stitches. This doesn't help whittle down my to-do list though. 

Heaven forbid I have only one craft interest and stick to it. While looking through patterns to find the sock directions that I want to use, I found something else that I want to knit. And another sewing idea is in my head right next to the ABC scrapbook that I want to make for Colton who is interested in letters thanks in part to a program called Super Why on Sprout and PBS television channels. Oh, and I have some painting to do and a bracelet to restring. 

Bill will probably want clean clothes and dinner a few times this week too. Is it any wonder I can't get ahead?


SkippyMom said...

Busy, busy! I love the Minkee - makes me want a bathrobe made from it...mmmm, reminds me of chenille.

Good luck getting started again - I know how it goes - the best laid plans.....

Sewconsult said...

You get an A+ in sewing! What would it be like to only have one crafty interest? One, I would have a clean house with all the things on my to-do-list crossed off. I'll be in my coffin on that day.

Blondie's Journal said...

I think my hubs is wanting dinner this week, too. What a shame.