Friday, February 18, 2011

Thankful Friday

I am thankful for many things this Friday.

First and foremost this week, I am thankful that Chuck's surgery went well yesterday. 
Given that we've already had our high temperature for the day and are sliding back down into the 30s tomorrow with a chance of rain and snow on Sunday, I am thankful for sunshine today.
I am thankful that Bill and I are healthy and happy to celebrate another birthday together (his was yesterday).
I am thankful to have enough energy to keep up with Colton who has discovered the buttons on the front of the family room TV, that he can reach the handle of the silverware drawer, that he can push the chair away from the living room TV (dining room chair has been used to block him from reaching the buttons on that television), who crawls faster than some people walk and who falls asleep in my lap, giving me a chance to rest while he re-energizes his batteries. 
I am thankful for days that we can wake up on our own with no alarm clocks set. 
I am thankful that I have had always had a roof over my head; have had heat to keep me warm and in recent years, air conditioning to keep me cool; and enough food to keep me full and healthy.
While acknowledging that it takes money to provide the things I just listed, I am thankful that all the other things that make me happy have nothing to do with money.*

I am thankful for humor. Yours, mine, intentional and otherwise.  Today is just a lovefest of thankfulness. 

* In keeping with loving humor, here is the small print disclaimer to today's post. While happy to have sunshine, I'd be happier if it was actually WARM outside; if alarm clocks were outlawed; if there wasn't quite so much evidence of me being well-fed; and if purchases of computers and monthly internet fees were free because the internet and being connected to all of you does make me happy even if it contradicts the idea that money isn't involved in what makes me happy. It also takes money to buy yarn and ice cream, sad to say. Sadder yet is that ice cream adds to that too-much-evidence problem. Gee, my life is really kinda complicated, isn't it? But I am still thankful for it.

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Changes in the wind said...

We should all take the time to be thankful....thanks for sharing.