Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cardigan for a little guy

If you're a knitter or know a knitter, you know that we look at yarn anywhere and everywhere that sells it. If you take a class or join a social knitting group that meets at a LYS (local yarn store), you use yarn from that store while in class. I have plenty of sock weight yarn waiting to go on my needles but I didn't want to work on tiny needles while at the knitting group sessions. I didn't want a huge project either, just something to keep me busy while chatting with the other women.

A sweater for Colton would be a good idea, and the pattern I used was sized 2T. Colton turns one next week, but he is a big boy. Still, I didn't expect the sweater to fit him now. It is a bit longer than what he would normally wear, but it will be fine this spring and hopefully work in the fall also.

I used Plymouth Encore yarn which is a wool and acrylic blend. I love this yarn for its ease of care (machine wash gentle, tumble dry) and the feel of it is good too. We tried it on over his jammies the other night so I don't have a photo of him wearing it yet. At that point I didn't have the buttons yet. Buttons were bought the next day and here is the finished cardigan.

Being a totally smitten grandma, here are the professional photos of the Prince of Sweetness (he'll hate me for that title one day, won't he?) commemorating being one year old. His mommy's sister-in-law took these and I think she did a great job. Not that I'm partial or anything.

And one last photo because I have a captive audience...


Chatty Crone said...

Oh he is a little red doll baby! I can see why you are so smitten. He is so cute.

And I love your sweater you made for him - take a pic with him in it!


Changes in the wind said...

Oh my gosh...he is the red hair and blue eyes...who could resisit. Great job on the sweater.