Saturday, January 29, 2011

A new navigation bar

I am still tweaking away here. I haven't done anything that will rock your world, but I am enjoying learning a bit more of what goes on behind the scenes and makes a blog appear and function as it does.

So far I've managed to add the horizontal navigation bar above (under my header) that will show posts with labels that match those tabs. I didn't label all of my posts as I went along so this only shows some  posts that might actually fit those descriptions. 

Why did I decide to do this? To avoid cooking and cleaning of course! Photobucket   Ok, I'm not that much of a slacker (hush up family! I hear you laughing!) I worked on this because I liked the idea of "pages" that Blogger offers, but didn't like that a page is static. A Blogger page is good for contact information but not for updating posts about knitting, etc.

My main source of information was nitecruzr at The Real Blogger Status and I am going to admit that while some of his info contained words that I am becoming familiar with, a lot is still intimidating to me. Before I did anything here I tried things on a test blog that nobody else ever sees. It is my dirty little secret.

Now when I publish post about the cake I'll be making for a 6 year old's birthday at the end of this week and use the label "Food fun", the post will not only show here, it will appear with related posts under the Food Fun tab.

I won't be going back through all my unlabeled posts, but I will go back through recent ones and add labels to some of them. Over time I've deleted some photos in my Photobucket account and realize that has left error messages in some of my old posts. I'll try to clean those up as I find them, deleting the error message but I won't be reinserting photos.

I probably sound a little geeky in my excitement over this, but it is because I truly love to learn. Photobucket

About that is 6:00 and I am re-heating leftovers for dinner. Care to guess how many hours I've been in this chair? Photobucket


Chatty Crone said...

Okay - you are worlds ahead of me in the blog world - I have no idea how to do what you did. Nice job.

Love, sandie

Kelli said...

YAY Knitty! You are my hero! I had no idea you could do that with Blogger. I can't wait to figure it out for my blog, too! :)