Friday, January 7, 2011

A bracelet , a hat and an update

Have I cleaned any closets yet? No.

Have I started the Miracle Diet that will drop 10 pounds each week while raising my IQ by 10 points weekly? No.

Have I done anything productive?  Sort of.

Good for the economy and very good for me, I bought a bangle bracelet. It was made from an old, aluminum knitting needle (Hey! This means I helped recycle too!) and came from Sassafras Creations at Etsy. I love it!
Yesterday I felt lousy all day. Headache, chills and feeling sleepy made me think I was coming down with a doozey of a cold, but it appears to have been sinus crud with post holiday funk thrown in. While watching TV I made this hat. More yarn used up! The hat looks like nothing off a head. It sort of collapses into an odd pancake.
I have a few other knitting projects going, but the next one that intrigues me is a pair of gloves that will be made with this same yarn.

And now the update on my son's shoulder: His shoulder may have slipped out of place and back in on its own. He will begin physical therapy this coming week and will be re-evaluated at the end of the prescribed run of treatments.

Thank goodness I didn't make resolutions for New Year's. They'd all be broken already!

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Changes in the wind said...

Love the bracelet and the hat is really cute....