Monday, July 5, 2010

A new toy

I have a new camera! I think hubby got tired of me complaining that my old camera took too long before shots, took lousy indoor photos and couldn't take photos of fireworks. Doesn't everyone need pictures of fireworks? He told me a while ago to figure out what I wanted and let him know what it was.

I have a few friends who are excellent photographers. They could take photos with an old Brownie and put most of us to shame. Some of them have expensive cameras with bells, whistles and doodads that I may, in a moment of weakness, desire but when I come out of that lusty stupor, I know I would never master or even attempt to use many of the features. I wasn't actively searching for a camera, but my eyes and ears were open.

While getting ready for bed one evening last week, QVC was on TV as it turned midnight and the new TSV (Today's Special Value) was announced. It was a camera. Eyes and ears turned to focus on the presentation. After the initial sales pitch, I was interested enough to ask Bill to watch.

The following day I researched the camera online. It seemed to fit my needs and the few negative reviews I found seemed to come from people whose skills and expectations were way beyond mine. I ordered it, received it and have played with it over the weekend. So far, so good. smilie thumbs up Pictures, Images and Photos

The camera is a Kodak EasyShare Z981
I won't bore you with all the details. The selling features for me were the zoom, being able to manually adjust shutter speed on some settings, burst mode (taking 8 pictures rapid fire to assure getting a photo), the "scene modes" and the all purpose easy capture (regular setting). Scene mode settings include high ISO, night portrait, landscape, night landscape, flower, sunset, backlight, candle light, museum, text, beach, snow, children, self-portrait, stage and...ta dah!...fireworks. If one of those settings doesn't cover what I am trying to photograph, I may as well give up. It also takes panoramic photos: two or three views that are magically stitched together. I played with that, but the photos weren't anything interesting that I would share. Yet. Photobucket I will share these test photos though.

Zoomed in on the daisy:
Liking the texture and contrast of firewood:
Tree branches from a distance, surprised that I could catch the spider web:
In burst mode, 8 shots are taken in rapid succession. The western that had been on TV seemed like it was fast paced until I took these pictures. Go figure.
Normally last night would have been a good night to try to capture fireworks but the mosquitoes were in full attack mode. I experimented from indoors, watching my neighbors light these on their dock and hoping sparks would not land on our boat cover or ignite their dock.The orange glow in the lower left is their fire pit.
The camera records video also, but unless Bill decides to tap dance before the day is over, you are all spared from me posting a clip here. Heck, if Bill decides to tap dance, you still won't see it. I'll be sending that into America's Funniest Videos and planning how to spend $10,000!

Have a great day, and say Cheese! Photobucket


SmilingSally said...

Knitty, you are goin' be a shootin' gal for sure!

That corgi :) said...

sounds like you got a great camera! it does seem like it has a lot of useful features too! liked all the pictures you shared, the close up of the flowers came out very nice indeed!

enjoy using it!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your camera. It sounds like you got yourself a good one. The pictures are beautiful. I can't wait to see new pics of your little grand. I love the one on your sidebar. Happy fourth of July to you and yours.

Chatty Crone said...

You look like you have a great new camera - your pictures looked great!

Was it your birthday?