Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I'm baaaaack.......

Ahhhh, weddings.....

We are back from a wedding in South Carolina. I didn't talk about traveling there when I mentioning taking a break because of wedding involvement. Something spooked me and I didn't want to announce that all the members of my family would be out of town at the same time. I don't usually worry about many "what ifs" but some people are rightfully concerned about too much personal information being online and I decided I shouldn't make it easier for an unscrupulous person to break in and steal my collection of vintage dust balls. I know I did the right thing. The dust balls are right where I left them.

The wedding was as wonderful and beautiful as a wedding could be. The groom is my husband's godson, his parents are long time friends who have lived in the south for most of their marriage but have never moved an inch away in our hearts. This trip was Colton's first big trip and his first flight. He did just fine. Within 30 minutes of being home he rewarded his parents by rolling over for the first time. What better souvenir of their trip could they have?
The wedding colors were purple and orange, Clemson colors. The scrolls and dots on the cake are purple. Each layer was a different flavor, and all were delicious. The picture in the upper left is Colton with Uncle Billy. Next he is pictured with Grandpa, then his first time in a pool with his Daddy. The picture of him in the middle row shows that he has thighs just like his Grandma, only on him they are cute. The bottom row is dance floor shots and Colton tired of all the celebrating.

Last summer the couple who are now married went to Niagara Falls on a side trip on the way to a wedding of a cousin in another part of Michigan. They stayed on the Canadian side of the Falls, but the young man wanted to propose on American soil, so they crossed as pedestrians to an area in the U.S. His girlfriend LOVES gumballs and used the last of his quarters to get some. He proposed, she said yes, and they headed back to Canada and their hotel. But uh-oh....they didn't have change for the pedestrian fare to get back into Canada. They had no money at all, and the ATMs were down. A shopkeeper took pity on them and gave them the necessary fare to get back to their room.

The groom's mother used this story as part of her table decorations at the rehearsal dinner. Each table had ribbons and votives in Clemson colors, a square vase with pebbles in the bottom and a large Gerber daisy floating on top, packets of gumballs at each place setting and quarters scattered in the center of each table. Members of the bridal party had gumballs in these cute gumball machines made from clay pots and a votive holders. Extra ones were made for the her sisters, for Kim and myself.
Amazing what a clay pot and saucer, a wooden heart and knob, a round glass votive holder, some paint, glue and ribbon can become, isn't it?

Colton is here with us today and tomorrow so it may be a while before I am caught up on reading blogs. Another few days and I should be back to normal.....whatever "normal" means.


Blondie's Journal said...

I can tell you had a wonderful time. I love your reference to the "vintage dust balls" and the story about the gumballs is SO sweet! From the picture on your sidebar, it looks like Colton has grown alot. Soon he'll be walking and getting into all sorts of trouble! ;-D

Glad you had some quality time away, Knitty. It's good for the soul!


Kelli said...

We are SO glad you're home! AND that your dust balls were right where you left them. ;)

Chatty Crone said...

Glad you're home and it's always okay to want to protect yourself and your family.

That cake was awesome.