Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fun baby shower theme

I was a guest at a baby shower yesterday. I didn't have my camera with me, but hope my descriptions and a few internet photos will give you ideas if you ever need to work this theme into a shower or other type of party you may host.

The invitations were printed on the computer, cut into a simple square and glued to a star cut from blue cardstock. The heading was "A Star Soon To Be Born".

Each guest received this bag as a favor. It says About To Pop! on the silhouette's belly.
Each table had a centerpiece of movie theater sized boxes of Sugar Babies, popcorn and Junior Mints and a DVD of a baby themed movie. These items were in a bucket like this
The movie in the centerpiece at my table was Three Men and a Baby. A game was played based on the mommy-to-be opening gifts and a pacifier being passed around each table. The person in possession of the pacifier when the last gift was opened won the centerpiece.

My gifts to the baby were the quilt and sweater I've shown recently and two bibs made from a bandana and two washcloths.
I made a card with a bear wearing the sweater and bib, sitting on the quilt and gave laundry care instructions inside along with my best wishes for mommy, daddy and baby.
The pregnant woman image is from Cricut's New Arrival cartridge.
Now that I am past the SC wedding and this baby shower, I can turn my attention to upcoming bridal showers, a rehearsal dinner and an October wedding.

The holidays are either going to be a piece of cake this year or will go by in a blur. I see me sitting with my feet up in January and finally catching up on blog reading! Photobucket


Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Thought sound's really neat Knitty!
You've given me some ideas for my upcoming baby shower. Thanks for sharing.

Chatty Crone said...

Glad you had fun at the shower - nice gifts - and what nice favors. Gave me some ideas!


Anonymous said...

What cute ideas! The shower sounds like so much fun. What a great idea for a center piece. It's one I will tuck away for the future. I especially love the little sweater you made. What a wonderful gift ♥