Saturday, May 10, 2014

Holy Crap! a birthday card

The idea for the toilet paper came from Pinterest on a card that was a photo only, no link provided to credit the original card maker.

I cut a narrow strip of lightweight paper to make the core of the toilet paper roll. Next I cut a strip of actual toilet paper, adhered one end to the core and began rolling. I used small glue dots to hold the free hanging paper to the remainder of the roll and in two spots onto the card. There is a narrow strip of lightweight paper under the free hanging paper to provide body and have it holds its wave. The lines were done with a Copic multiliner.

The holder is a strip of black paper. I used pieces from a floral punch to cut the doodads for the brackets that would hold the dispenser to the wall. This is a better view of the holder.

The "Holy Crap!" punches are both from Stampin' Up. The "30" is Doodletype font, cut with a Cricut.

Use your imagination as to what else could be said rather than Holy Crap. 
I will make this again. The only drawback is that it isn't a card to be mailed. I didn't even attempt an envelope for this.

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