Monday, March 10, 2014

Three days of birthday celebrations

Three days of birthday celebrations can age a person!  The Prince of Sweetness (more commonly known as my grandson) turned 4 last Thursday. Daddy's birthday was the following day (he is almost my age now!) and Saturday was the Super Hero party that Mommy and Daddy hosted for the Prince's relatives and friends.

On his actual birthday, Papa and Gigi tagged along as his parents took him to Chuck E. Cheese's for lunch. Going there mid-day on a school day was wonderful. I think there were only three other families there. The Prince had fun and we left with our hearing intact.

The simple joys of being four...getting prize tickets is as much fun as playing the game!

Daddy's birthday was much more subdued, partly because Mommy and Daddy were so busy prepping for the party. Daddy did get a handmade card with his gift from us that day. I was itching to use my newest Sizzix die which is officially called Picture Wheel, but known by many as the View Master die.
I used an image found online of a View Master sleeve, added a birthday greeting, printed it and glued it to sleeve (jacket? pocket?) that I made. The picture wheel held 12 photos. I chose photos from my son's early years, with his buddies, his wedding and with his son. In case anyone is interested, I sized the photos and printed them from a Word document. Some printing quality is lost, but I don't expect this to be used as a printed photo would. After cropping photos to get faces as focal points, I sized the photos to be .6 inches wide.

Saturday was the party, a huge success due to my son and daughter-in-law's planning and hosting abilities.
I love the cardboard cupcake tower. Perfect backdrop for Super Heroes, especially Batman (on the cake) but I think this would look good at Halloween too, maybe with some spidery webbing going on.
Captain America with his mask on top of his head. 
I don't care what your hair stylist says, you simply cannot get this color out of a bottle. Meet my daughter-in-law, Wonder Woman. 

I don't have photos of Papa and Gigi in our Super attire yet, much to Papa's relief. I made these as over-sized bibs that button behind the neck. The felt is heavy weight craft felt, leftover from the play house project. We have two couches in our house, the one in the living room being "Papa's couch" according to our grandson. Same thing with the remote out there. If he comes over and I'm on that couch, he asks me why I am sitting on Papa's couch. That is how I determined the logo(s) for Super Papa. Super Gigi got a ball of yarn and some bling, because one can never have too much sparkle. 

Super Gigi Pucker Pickle Puss with a $1 tiara from a craft store and eyeglass adornment made from sparkly craft paper, held on with thin ribbon and a bit of two-way tape.
No offense HRH Queen Elizabeth, but I really rule!

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