Thursday, July 18, 2013

Painting on glass

This is my first attempt at painting on glass using Martha Stewart gloss paint for glass and also her adhesive stencils.

No staging for this photo, the bottle was hot from the oven. The blue towel behind it
 is to make the stencil visible and hide the knife block on the counter.
The bottle is from a Starbuck's cold drink. I purposely chose to place the doily stencil on the bottle so that the top of it was where the bottle began narrowing for the neck. It didn't go badly but a first attempt would have been better on a flat surface. Scratch doesn't have to be flat, just not a change in size. The stencils are silk screen style and thin so they easily bend around a bottle.

Directions that I saw online suggested using a foam stencil dauber. I didn't have one but I did have a foam brush. I may have pushed the brush a bit instead of a daubing and therefore smeared a bit of paint under the stencil or pushed the stencil itself.

Here is a smaller image on the back of the bottle. Not bad, but still not perfect.
The paint would have cured on its own in 21 days or could be baked in the oven. I chose that method as I don't know where this bottle is going to rest for the next three weeks and I wanted it cured as soon as possible. I will hand wash it in a few days and see if holds up well.

The stencil is Martha Stewart Crafts #33244 Doily Lace Adhesive Silkscreen. There are five designs to the package. The paint is Martha Stewart Crafts Glass Paint Gloss #33120 Wedding Cake.

I will try a transparent paint next. My goal is to decorate the underside of plain glass plates and use them to serve cookies, cakes, etc. when I give baked goods away. The plates can be part of the gift without breaking up a set of dishes that I use here at home and hopefully will bring a smile of remembrance to the recipient long after the cookies are gone. The same will be done for flowers in bottles like the one above or the collection of plain vases from florists over the years.

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Sewconsult said...

Found my way over here. SO glad that I did. Great ideas and techniques.