Friday, July 12, 2013

I am taking a break and contemplating retiring this blog. If you need to reach me, email me or leave a comment here.

I have "I Made This!" running with posts about things I've made and pin those entries to Facebook.

Enjoy your summer!



SkippyMom said...

NO. No. No. Not allowed.

I know I have been MIA, but you can't go.


I was thinking of you today, and missing our emails. Are you really going to make me come and have to FIND YOU?

Yeesh. This whole interwebs friendship stuff is a pain in the patoot. giggle

But for you? No problem.

Now let me go permanently link to wherever you are going to be now.

Love and hugs sweetie. Skippy

michelle said...

Awww, if you decide to do it, you will be greatly missed.

Sewconsult said...

Sorry that I haven't commented lately. I will try to email you and catch up with you soon. Life has had several bumps in the road.