Thursday, June 6, 2013

Let's dance!

My "Prince of Sweetness", Papa's "Buddy", Uncle Billy's "Bug", the child otherwise known as Colton was here for the better part of day Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week while some remodeling was going on at his house. Papa (hubby) and I (Gigi) see him often, but these three days were more insightful than usual. Three years old can literally grow before our eyes, both in physical, social and educational development. Struggle over a word, reaching something just a bit out of arm's length or lack of a social concept last week was a breeze this week, but of course other words, reaches and social graces present themselves as a challenge, especially when tired. Tired might mean Gigi and Papa, not the three year old!

Playing Mario on a very old game system at the cottage. Everything old can be new again to a 3 year old.
For reasons I don't claim to understand, the three days this week were time to explore toys long neglected here. Monday was spent playing with felt food that I made months ago but hadn't really been interesting to Colton yet.

Tuesday was Caillou and Rosie day. If you don't know them, Caillou is a four year old boy and Rosie is his little sister in animated stories on PBS and Sprout TV. We have plastic figures as shown here, that come apart into three pieces each. We may not have spent consecutive hours playing with them, but collectively by the end of the day, Caillou and Rosie must have felt either very loved or very tired. They even went to bed for a nap in Gigi's bed with giggles over sleeping on Poppa's pillow.
At the end of the day, they went home with Colton who was surprised not to find them here on Wednesday. Possession and time travel will be concepts to work on at a later date.

Caillou and Rosie were still important on Wednesday and we watched them not only at their scheduled show times, but also On Demand. A teddy bear was featured in two episodes which led to a discussion here. Colton got my Gund bear and adopted, taking him home when daddy picked him up. Gee, I have boxes of crap stuff upstairs that I would be happy to have him haul away, but so far he is only taking small items.

At one point in playing, he began beating another toy with the bear. I corrected him. Later he decided to clear the couch of his Hot Wheels by vigorously sweeping them off with his arms, sending them flying. This isn't the first time I've spoken to him about this so I used a louder and firmer voice than usual. He stopped and looked at me. I could see the gears working in that precious little head but didn't know where this would lead. I was not ready for what followed. He stuck his arms up and exuberantly said "Let's dance!"
When faced with something unpleasant today, I hope you can muster up a smile and encourage someone to dance!

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