Sunday, February 17, 2013

Shoo-shoo-shoo Sugar Town*

Was your Valentine's Day sweet? Mine was. Grandson Colton was here. We played trains. We played in the play house. We napped in my bed which truthfully meant I balanced myself on the edge of our queen sized mattress and wondered how one little person can take up so much room and throw off so much heat.
Everyone bought candy for everyone else. Hershey's, Mars, Whitman's and Russell Stover all made money last week. Pepperidge Farm did too, as Goldfish are one of Colton's favorite snacks. I had a strip of blue cardstock that was the same width as the small Goldfish carton, so I wrapped it around the carton, creasing the edges and taped the top shut. The fish were stamped on solid green and on green plaid papers and given air bubbles of green glitter glue.

Another thing my grandson loves are the characters from Disney's Cars. I found this idea on a Disney site. The bodies and tires are two layers of cardstock. The tires are glued at the top only and sandwiched between layers of the body. With the bottom open, they are somewhat splayed so they will stand up. The eyes and mouths were printable downloads along with the body and tire patterns. I colored the eyes with Copics. This quick project was a big hit.

Lightning McQueen read (on the back) that Colton "auto" be my Valentine. 'Mater's said that he "wheelie" loved Colton.

It is never to early to teach a love of puns, is it?

Colton's mommy got Cherry M&Ms in a tube with a card that had an opening for the tube, and baggies with the remaining M&Ms and rapsberry Kisses. She got them for being berry sweet and always, cheery.

My boys are "da bomb" so they each got 3 Rolos wrapped in red with a gold pipe cleaner fuse.

Hubby's card used a stamp that featured the character Tina, made by AI (Art Impressions). The inside stamped greeting read "Of course I love you...who else would put up with me?"

Now it is time to concentrate on birthdays again. Hubby catches up to me today (for 5 months I hear about being so much older than he is), followed soon by Colton's and his daddy's birthdays. Throw in a few cousins and a sister-in-law and we'll be eating cake until summer arrives!
* (from the post title) Anyone have Nancy Sinatra (or Zooey Deschanel) humming in their head now, singing Sugar Town?


thisisme said...

You have been busy again, Kitty. I envy you your creativity, and Colton is lucky to have such a lovely Grandma! I loved the card you made for your hubby, and especially the words inside! That made me smile. I will have to remember that.

SkippyMom said...

I am truly impressed and going to [of course] steal all your ideas. Too cool Grandmomma. :D

You are so talented. When are you going to adopt meeeee?

Still I had to laugh and definitely throw much love your way for the card for your husband. THAT pretty much sums up Pooldad and me, to a T. ::laughing:: poor man.