Thursday, December 15, 2011

What do you see?

I was searching for brain teasers and found optical illusions. I hadn't thought of them as brain teasers, but some do test your ability to think (view) things differently.

This one is an old classic that everyone has probably seen. Do you see a vase or two faces in profile? I easily see both and one doesn't dominate the other for me, maybe because I've seen this so often.
Do you see a grim faced man wearing a helmet or a man bent over mooning you? I saw the helmet first, but the full moon was pretty obvious to me too.
Is this a young girl or an old woman? I had a bit of trouble here. I'll give a clue later on.
Saxophone player or graphic of a woman's face with high contrast?
What do you see here? An elderly couple facing each other? Do you see their younger selves in their faces?
Portrait of a man or a landscape? Both, I'd say.
This was called High Society. Does his suit remain a suit or does his torso become a donkey's head?
Another donkey or a seal (otter?) sliding downward? Clue will follow if you aren't seeing them both.
A woman's profile facing to the left with her hand outstretched or a self portrait of Salvador Dali facing the right?
The image of a lovely lady or simply flowers and a butterfly?
I would like to shout this word because I was successful in seeing both images in each picture
Having trouble reading that? It helps if you squint. I can't shout that word though because the last image stumps me. there are supposed to be 7 faces here and I can only find 5 of them.
Let me know if you spot them all. Or if you need something to calm your stomach and eyeballs after staring at that last photo.

If you had trouble seeing the young girl, think of the image as being done from her side with her looking away from the artist/photographer. A small protrusion defines her nose, the larger one is her jawline. The line above the collar of her dress might be a necklace. Her ear is detailed near her long, flowing hair.

To see the old woman in the same image, what was the young girl's ear is the old woman's eye. The young jaw is the older woman's nose and the necklace is her thin mouth. The hair becomes wrinkles near the eye and I'd like to think those are laugh lines near the mouth.

I think the donkey/otter is an easy one but a friend did not see the otter until I pointed it out. The details of the donkey's snout becomes the otter's head. The donkey eyes are the fins and the donkey ears are the tail of the sea animal.

Still stuck on that word? It is Eureka. 


Rudee said...

I got Eureka, but I only see 5 heads. Maybe LSD would help me SEE more clearly.

Fun exercise!

Blondie's Journal said...

I love looking at these. I didn't get the young girl/old lady...but did good on the rest!!


Sewconsult said...

I found all 7 faces! I love these and have seen many before. Several are new. It's amazing how people come up with them. I guess that with the computer programs today, it is easier to produce them.

Chatty Crone said...

I think those pictures are so amazing how it is done. I got some- had to really look at others. sandie

colenic said...

I love these and did, after a minute, manage to find all seven faces- hint look at the middle face and look at either side :) thanks for the smiles tonight!

Knitty said...

I just found the last two faces! I feel much better now and am glad I didn't need the LSD after all. ;-)

DaCraftyLady said...

those were cool I got most but Eureka stumped