Friday, December 9, 2011

Happy Shopping!

I've mentioned this site before, but in this season of frantic shopping, it bears repeating.

If you are shopping online, before you finalize your order, go Retail Me Not and check for promo codes for discounts or free shipping. Most retailers will only allow one promo per order but if they are automatically offering free shipping, you might be able to use a discount found at this site. I'm sure there are other sites similar to this but this has become my go-to source and I've had great luck.

I understand that shipping has become expensive and it isn't the fault of retailers but I am old enough to remember when shipping costs were based on the size and weight of items. A small item with a large price tag can cost more to ship than a huge, inexpensive item. I guess what the stores lose on shipping the latter is made up by overcharging on the former.

Recently I ordered 8 items from Kohl's using discount offer and free shipping. All of the items were toys but must not have dispatched from the same warehouse. So far, I have received 7 of the 8 items and they've arrived in 5 boxes. One carton was large enough for a microwave and the content was one Mr Potato Head play set. There was more packing than toy.

I'm not the "greenest" person in the world but I do notice things like this and feel bad. It probably would have been better to shop the brick and mortar stores but honestly, I couldn't pass up the savings while enjoying the simplicity of shopping from home. Some of the drivers and shoppers are NUTS out there!!

Good luck with your shopping, cleaning, baking and whatever else December demands of you. Just be careful if your computer crashes before you are done gift shopping or you run out of sugar for your baking. Don't let this happen to you:


SkippyMom said...

Funny cartoon. Funnier about the packaging on the Mr. Potato Head. That is the sign of a lazy warehouse person tho' that couldn't be bothered to go get the appropriate sized box. Thank goodness you can re use or recycle it.

We are baking today, waiting on our packages to arrive [I want to wrap, dang it!] and enjoying the day off. Hope you are too.

Sewconsult said...

Sounds about like some of the things that came from Amazon. I ordered a pr of shoe trees for my nephew. The picture showed one shoe tree while others showed pairs. He had listed this particular one on his "wish list", so I ordered 2. You guessed it, the microwave size box arrived with 2 boxes of a pair each of shoe trees. Dang! So, I hope he has 2 pairs of shoes that need shoe trees.

Chatty Crone said...

Love that cartoon! teehee
And hopefully we can recycle some of this stuff.