Monday, March 29, 2010

A mixed bag on Monday

It is gray and chilly out, but sunshine and warmer temps are on their way.Photobucket
I was running late this morning, but my exercise partner was running later so I didn't keep her waiting.Photobucket

One mystery in my life has been solved, but it didn't pertain to the virus still infecting my computer. Photobucket

Most of the pictures that I wanted to use in posts last week and this week are locked up in that computer but I was able to load new pictures from my camera to my laptop and the pictures just happened to be of my favorite subject, my grandson Colton.Photobucket

Grandpa and I watched him Saturday while his Mommy and Daddy ran errands and had an uninterrupted dinner. I'll let Colton pick up the story from here:

I was looking rather cute in my baseball uniform but decided to catch a few zzzzs before going to the Grands for the day.
What the heck? Somebody made my diaper wet!
Oh man, they put poop in it too! This is bad!
Can you believe it took both my grandparents to change one diaper? And they took so long, my sprinkler went off and got my clothes wet. Sorry Granny, but on diaper changing this afternoon, I'd have to give you a thumbs down.
Here I am doing my impression of an old man listening to politicians and not believing a word they say.
Thanks Gramps! I was wondering when Grandma would get that bottle ready. Is she always that slow in the kitchen?
Is that Grandma coming with the camera?
Again Grandma? Really? Don't you think the first 66 photos were enough? Good thing you aren't paying to have all of these developed!

Maybe if I act bored she will go away.
Oh, she is trying to catch my dimples. Ha! That isn't going to happen!
Almost! You're still too slow though.
No, that is not my dimple on the other side of my face. This is my disgusted expression. Grandma, you really need a hobby. What the heck did you do before I arrived?
Ok, I concede. You outlasted me. I am going to sleep a bit. Maybe Mom and Dad will show up soon. They don't have a camera in my face all the time but they do point their phone at me a lot and click a button. Grown ups are strange.
Double fist pump for Grandpa! He knows how to take a picture! He at least waits until a guy is asleep before hovering and clicking.

I guess the grands aren't so bad. They sure do seem to love me so maybe I'll come back again a few times. I think I heard them tell Mommy and Daddy "anytime" and they were smiling.


Kelli said...

'Anytime', indeed! :)

Sewconsult said...

As one of my great-uncles would say when he greeted us: "sweet, sweet, so sweet".
Beckie in Brentwood,TN

Charli and me said...

Awww... What a darling little grandbay you have ♥ I know you are having a wonderful time with him.

Chatty Crone said...

He is sooooooooooo adorable! Precious. Sweet. Innocent. You must be so proud! Sandie

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

I love your commentary!

Hee hee, he really does look a wee bit like a wise old guy in that one photo -- "I've got almost 18 years before I can cast a vote. I'll consider voting for you then. Now beat it."

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

Oh Knitty, this post was just too cute!!! I imagine you're enjoying little Colton quite a bit, huh? ;o)