Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Another old UFO done!

With a friend on a mission this year to complete her sewing UFOs (UnFinished Objects) and another who is very organized and working on Christmas projects for this coming Christmas, I have been inspired to work on my own stash of UFOs. If I stop reading, writing, cooking (and looking for a way to eat out and avoid cooking) and oh yeah, occasionally cleaning, I might, just might, have my UFOs completed by 2020. Heck, maybe 2015 if I give up sleep.

This bunny was a kit destined to be a pillow. I finished the felted wool applique but thought I would make a wall hanging out of it. It sat unfinished for two years. Realizing I didn't have a bare spot on a wall for it but did have a pillow that wasn't being used, I finished it as originally intended. The pillow form is a bit scrunched at top and bottom so I may add some fiberfill to fill out the slack in fabric at center top and bottom. The photo doesn't show the bunny's ears well. They are wired and stand away from the pillow.

Now that this is done, I like it so much I think I will keep it on a spare bed when the other spring decorations are packed away until next year.

Finishing up a long neglected project sure feels good.


Chatty Crone said...

That is an adorable bunny pillow. You are quite the crafter. I know who else would like that - you're sweet grandbaby!

Love it,

Charli and me said...

Oh wow! I love your bunny pillow. I would keep it out all year too. You really do have so much talent.It's just beautiful.
Isn't it a pretty day :>)