Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Seven weeks to go!

Grandbaby Knitty is due in seven weeks. I wonder if he will arrive five days early and share his daddy's birthday? Babies have their own schedule and we'll be delighted whether he comes a little early or a few days late. Easy for me to use the word "late"...I'm not the one carrying him! 

If I would stop procrastinating and get a bear sewn and stuffed, I could say that I am as ready for the shower as one can be with over a week to go yet. I finished the candy favors, small boxes of Hershey Nuggets and individually wrapped butter mints. The mints are from Michaels, wrapped in blue with the words Baby Boy on them. The wrappers on the Nuggets are Avery labels #8160 which fit nicely around Nestle's Treasures, Hershey Nuggets and also Hershey's miniatures.
I had round labels (printable stickers) in my stash and added this little Thank You to the side of the boxes.
Here are the images I used on the candies. I love making these wrappers for any occasion or even for no special reason.
Hmmm, maybe if the big guy who lives here hasn't found the unused Nuggets, I'll make some Valentine labels and wrap the last of the candies for us. Think they'll last until Valentine's Day?


Anonymous said...

Hi Knitty, How exciting! A little grandchild ♥ Your life will never be the same. Everything is so much more fun with grandchildren in the picture :>) I love your little labels! What a neat idea. I have some avery labels and now you have my little wheels turning as to how to put them into good use. Those boxes are adorable and I love the way you added the thank you on the side. I know the shower is going to be absolutely wonderful ♥ Thank you for the tip about the groomer mobile. I hadn't thought about that.

Chatty Crone said...

What what comment number 2 said - anyway - 7 weeks and you'll have a grandson - can't tell you how wonderful they are. And your party items are awesome. sandie