Tuesday, January 12, 2010

4 weeks to the shower, 8 weeks to the due date...

With a little less than four weeks to the baby shower and 8 weeks until the due date, I am relieved to have finished knitting the blanket.Photobucket
This picture shows the blanket still pinned to the blocking mat, but without a baby to model the blanket, I found it looks better here than in a later photo I took with it draped over the couch.

Here is a closeup of the pattern. It is a four row repeat and not difficult after the stitch sequence is memorized. I used an acrylic yarn that has been in my stash for many, many years. It was made by Patons but is no longer produced. It has a wonderful feel and washes beautifully, both important factors for baby items in my opinion.

The pattern came from Vogue Knitting on the go, Baby Blankets, seen here:

I have a few more things in mind to make before the shower, but none should be as time consuming as this was. Please stop me if I buy supplies for any more projects before the baby arrives. Unless it is something really, really cute. Photobucket


Sewconsult said...

It's beautiful! Wish you lived closer so you could teach me. I can do knit & purl, but hate reading the directions. I know the blanket will be a hit with mom & the others at the shower.

SmilingSally said...

It's absolutely beautiful, Knitty.

Anonymous said...

lovely pattern in the blanket - gonna be a neat thing to wrap a baby in!
I like how you moved your blog list to another blog - very creative. I didn't see a place to leave a comment on it though ... did I miss it or is it missing?
May use your idea for blog 2 for some things ... like it. Thanks - Jenn

Chatty Crone said...

Babies are so wonderful - I know you are excited. Is this your first grandchild? And the blanket is so delicate and beautiful.