Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Joe Cocker, translated

I admit to singing along to lyrics that I never understood. My voice isn't the type that others choose to listen to, so no one ever questioned my garbled words.

Some who were of age when Joe Cocker performed at Woodstock in 1969 may not have understood his words due to being under the influence. Even breathing the air could have put you under influence. Or maybe if you WERE under the influence, his words made perfect sense!

For those of us who don't indulge, and for those too young to know what a symbol of Woodstock Joe Cocker was, here is a clip of (click on the song title) With A Little Help From My Friends with a closed caption translation.

By the way, I can play air guitar as least as good as he did, but don't expect me to play Guitar Hero on any game system. If you thought my singing voice was bad, you don't want to see me play! Photobucket

Long live tie dye! Peace, dude!


Terry said...

What a wonderful post ,I must admit while my Dad played every kind of music under the sun I was not exposed to woodstock until my cousins from New Orleans came to live with us. Wow did I learn how much I never knew I did not know .Then there were my cousins from California (San Francisco )
This ole farm girl sure had the advantage over all her classmates.
All 17 of them .I went to a rural school. Thanks for sharing today.
I needed a smile it's been raining for three days.

dana said...

Whoa, that video brought back a few memories!!! I wasn't at Woodstock, but I recall the event!! I believe I was 22 and was very proud of my tie-dyed shirts! I think Joe would have been able to sing a little clearer if he'd been wearing some of the "plates" featured on my post today! BTW you're comment was a riot!! Love your wit!! Happy Wed., Dana

Nettie said...

While I'm a little young to remember Woodstock...I have heard of it & seen assorted film clips of it...BUT...I do like Joe Cocker songs. Hubbie & I went to a Joe Cocker concert a few years ago (free tickets thanks to a local radio station). It was wonderful...LOUD & DEAFENING...our ears were ringing for hours afterwards but fantastic all the same...hahaha