Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Big Dance and new socks

The Big Dance is over, and North Carolina's Tar Heels are the NCAA champs. Congratulations to them, and thank you MSU Spartans. The Spartans gave Michigan something to be excited about when most news coming out of our state has been bleak.

While watching the game I worked on my second pair of socks but decided I didn't like them and rewound the ball of yarn as the Spartans congratulated the Tar Heels. I'll start knitting socks again in a few days but have a few other things needing my attention first.

Today I am wearing my first pair of socks for the first time. I like them. A lot. Do you think it would be vain to look for a pair of clear shoes to wear with them? What about a sweatshirt that says "Check out my socks... I made them!" Too much?
Hopefully reverse psychology will work and Mother Nature will notice I am making warm socks and decide to bring on spring like weather. If not, at least my feet will be prepared.


andrea said...

I WANT THOSE SOCKS!!!!!! They are the COOLEST things I've ever seen, and I would TOTALLY wear clear shoes to show them off :)
Ed and Noah made a "friendly" bet on the game...and now Ed has to tie Noah's shoelaces for a whole week...as often as Noah wants them tied :)

Smilingsal said...

I do like the socks. I don't know about clear shoes, and I'd not wear the shirt, but the socks are pretty. Good job!