Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Colors come and colors go

Isn't it frustrating to shop for an item that is not in a current "hot" color? Last winter it was a yellow turtleneck that I sought and had to resign myself to doing without. Brown was everywhere, having come out of hiding from previous years when that was the unavailable color.

I've been going through old photographs and reminiscing colors as well as fashions. Those of us who lived through the avocado/harvest gold/burnt orange 70's never thought we'd see those colors return and *gasp* they're back! Some shades or color combinations take our minds back to a specific memory (prom dress? our date's blue tux with a white ruffled shirt with the ruffles edged in blue?) or to an era (coppertone appliances as a newlywed) or something that reaches back even further.

I was birthday shopping for the little princess (6 year old great niece) and found pink and brown coordinated pants and tops for her. Instant flashback! When I was elementary school aged, the Catholic school near me had pink and brown uniforms. Boys from 1st to 8th grade wore brown pants, pink shirts and brown ties. I wonder if any of them have trouble wearing pink shirts as adults?

Pink and brown is a nice combination, but I like pink and black even better which is why a pink blouse with black piping on the collar and along both sides of the button placket ended up on my charge card a few days ago. (Little princesses aren't the only one who need new clothes!) Playing with my beading supplies with that blouse in mind resulted in this necklace, bracelet and earrings.I'll never have just one favorite color, and will probably always seek a color that isn't available in the store but is vivid in my mind or memory. Does that make me out of date or a trend setter?


smidget said...

Beautiful colors!!!

Did fix the earring yet?

Knitty said...

I did. I knew if I took it upstairs before I fixed it, it wouldn't get done.