Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bethlehemian Rhapsody

I thought this was thoroughly enjoyable. I understand that some people think anything but a traditional telling of Christian stories is disrespectful. If you are of that opinion, all I can say that is no offense is intended. To the best of my knowledge, these are the lyrics used. A few words were hard for me to understand and there isn't sanctioned post online that I could find to pair with this clip. Someone named Anna (no last name given) cited these words as the lyrics:

Is this the real birth? Is it Nativity?
Caught in a census, in the town of His ancestry.
Open your eyes, look up to the skies and see…
He’s just a poor boy, foretold by prophecy.
Because the wise men come, wise men go,
Angels high, shepherds low.
This is how God’s love shows,
It’s a wondrous story to me, to me.

Mary just got the word,
The angel did appear, but he told her not to fear.
Mary, now it’s just begun.
Your Son is gonna wash our sins away.

Mary, ooooh…. this is how God’s love’s shown.
The God who reigns on high, has sent his Son through you to die for all.

I see a little silhouette of a sheep,
Shepherds watch, shepherds watch over their flocks at nighttime.
Angels shine like lightning,
Very, very frightening – me!

Glory to God! Peace on earth!
Glory to God! Peace on earth!
Unto you is born this day,
The only way!

I’m just a shepherd, nobody loves me.
He’s just a shepherd, from a poor family.
Angels said, go to the stable to see.
Wise men come, wise men go, will Herod let him live?

King Herod, no! He will not let him live – better go!
King Herod, he will not let him live – better go!
King Herod, he will not let him live!

Better go – will not let him live; better go – will not let him live
Better go, go, go, go!
Mary, Joseph, Mary, Joseph, Mary, Joseph better go!
To Egypt now, gotta save your Son who came for me, for me, for me!

So you think that it’s just a tale of days gone by?
But this Child who was born went to Calvary to die.
Oh, Jesus, it’s the story of Jesus-
Wash our sins out, wash our sins right out of here.
Jesus, Jesus.

It’s a wondrous story, anyone can see.
Let’s give God the glory, it’s a wondrous story, to me.

This is how God’s love shone.

And hopefully a non traditional nativity won't offend you. I do have a serious, traditional one, but this one comes out every year and makes me smile.


SkippyMom said...


Where did you get that? It is beyond awesome.

Yes, I have my serious one, which I love - but the snowman one would rock my world.

Time to go scour the internet. :)

Merry Christmas!

Debbie said...

I listened to it earlier this morning and forgot to come back and tell you how much I liked it. I found myself singing along. I always liked Bohemian Rhapsody so I loved this.

Chatty Crone said...

I love your nativity scene - the message is clear. And the words to the song are nice. sandie♥